What is Monoguilds

Monoguilds is a co-op blockchain game that has infinite variables for the battles between players and guilds.


Monoguilds is a strategy blockchain game that is rich in playability. The player's objective is to work with guild members, battle, and develop buildings to stand out among other players. With the potential of blockchain, the game is utilizing the DeFi protocol and NFT to make the game more fun and interactive.
We desire to build a sustainable game economy where every player can immerse in the gameplay and the meantime learns the potential of blockchain and web3.
In a blockchain game, you have the ownership of the item where you can trade NFT as a game item to make real money.

Decentralize Game

Monoguilds is operated fully by smart contract. It is operational by on-chain transactions. This means that even if our interface went down you could still perform transactions on the chain. Decentralization is empowering everyone to control and manage their game assets on-chain without any centralized servers. The game assets' value is preserved using blockchain.
Monoguilds is an interactive blockchain game between players. Players can join guild, earn resources and battle. Every plater plan the best strategy to stand out among the others.

What’s the difference between Monoguilds with the other blockchain game?

Monoguilds is the first co-op blockchain game. People can collect rare NFT in the game that actually has provided utility instead of just leveling up, questing to mint more tokens to be sold. Web3 technologies are changing fast, this will create a lot of potential and interesting gameplay, more ideas can be brainstormed to be implemented in our game.

Why on Harmony?

Harmony has a large community of GameFi enthusiastic. With the low gas fee and high TPS on Harmony, we believe we can find the true supporter for our product. Harmony is open to cross-chain expansion projects, and the bridge to other chains is very comprehensive.
Last modified 9mo ago