Guilds are valuable assets in the game. When you are the guild master, you are obligated to protect your guild members and grow your guild to strengthen your power and economy. Players can choose to join which guild to get the highest reward.
Guild is an ERC721 NFT standard. This means the owner of the GUILD is the guild master and it can be traded in the marketplace.

In-game Incentive

The guild master must have good leadership to strengthen the guild. The stronger the guild, the more reward the guild will receive which will be distributed to the Guild Master and members. Guild Master will receive a higher percentage of reward in return for good leadership.

Loyalty System

Guild master can see lists of players with loyalty points, to see which players have the most committed to your guild. The guild master can have many ways to incentivize your loyal players like airdrop which can be done in our game. This will increase the value and power of your guild when you manage your guild well.

Build your own community

We want the guild to have maximum value not just only in the game, but also outside of the game. With the loyalty system, guild masters are able to build their own community with the players.

Tradable & Transferable

Guilds can be traded in the marketplace. The guild should be more valuable as more players develop in your guild. When the owner of the guild changes, the tokens & rewards assets belongs to the guild will be given to the new owner.