Funding & Addresses

Our token (SAPPHIRE) will be 100% distributed to the community. Devs & Founder doesn't pre-minted any SAPPHIRE and NFTs. We funded ourselves before the game launch.
After everything on track. we plan to find some funding to expand our team and we will have a stable revenue model to keep Monoguilds updated.
  • Grant from the foundation team.
  • Partnership with other projects.
  • The minted Pieces with $ONE as the bootstrap fund.
  • In-game spending from players. (eg: Create profile & create guild)
  • Transaction fee for the Marketplace & gameplay
Monoguilds team will use the revenue generated as our fund and also buyback SAPPHIRE token.
The presale minted NFTs in ONE token will be stored in the development multi-sig wallet, which will be used to expand the development team, bounties, supply initial SAPPHIRE liquidity, marketing, and smart contract audit.
Founder address:
Development multi-sig wallet: